The Custom House



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What we do

The Custom House is an independent customs agent (customs broker) based at Sevington near Ashford in Kent. We are at Border Force’s principal inland Border Inspection Post, its main hub in relation to trade between the UK and continental Europe.

We facilitate imports, exports and transits through all UK ports, but specialise in trade passing through the Port of Dover and the Channel Tunnel.



With our sister organisation Assured Customs Declarations, we are able to provide customs declarations, i.e. import, export, transit and related services to UK organisations. In addition, we are pleased to act as a customs agent for non-UK companies on an indirect basis.


With our partner SGS International Trade Services, we provide transit declaration services to importers and, in particular, exporters. In this regard, we are approved by Border Force as an External Temporary Storage Facility (ETSF) and as Authorised Consignor and Authorised Consignee locations.

Goods Vehicle Management System (GVMS)

We provide a GVMS management service for hauliers, whereby we ensure that the necessary movement declarations are reported to HM Revenue & Customs to enable vehicles to embark to and from the European Union.