Customs broker




We specialise in maritime, rail and road customs brokerage.

With our sister organisation, Assured Customs Declarations, we can facilitate imports using Customs Freight Simplified Procedures (see link below).

We represent non-UK clients and act as their customs broker as an indirect representative.

We provide 24/7 coverage and our standard requirement is that we produce a customs declaration within 3 hours of our client’s request.


We facilitate exports via any UK port or airport.

This service dovetails with our transit capability, which ensures that our clients are able to leave the UK via the Port of Dover and the Channel Tunnel with a minimum of friction.

We are able to provide 24/7 coverage and our standard requirement is that we produce an export entry within 3 hours of our client’s request.


Via SGS’s TransitNet solution, we are able to offer unrivalled inbound and outbound transit guarantee coverage.

We are able to assist companies by providing the perfect start or end point for transit shipments via the Port of Dover and the Channel Tunnel. Hosting clients for Authorised Consignor and Authorised Consignee dispatches and arrivals.

We can generate the necessary transit documentation, to be conveniently collected by drivers whilst they take advantage of the neighbouring Ashford International Truckstop’s facilities.



With effect from January 2022, when the need to pre-notify imports of animal and plant produce become a requirement, The Custom House will assist its clients by providing an IPAFF registration service.

In July 2022, the inspection of animal and plant produce at import will become mandatory. As we are strategically situated alongside the main Border Control Post in Kent, we will be perfectly place to assist any clients that run into difficulties during the clearance process.


In January 2022, all goods vehicles arriving and departing via the roll-on roll-off ports and the Channel Tunnel will need to be registered in the Goods Vehicle Management System.

The Custom House has made arrangements to manage the entire process for a number of hauliers, thereby ensuring that loads are not delayed on either side of the English Channel.


We are registered with HM Revenue & Customs to administer the movement of excise goods under bond in the UK via the Excise Movement and Control System.

In addition to creating the necessary import or export/transit declarations, we can facilitate the movement of excise goods to or from UK excise bonded facilities.


“We would like to take the opportunity to thank The Customs House for all their efforts over the past year in facilitating our export transit declarations. 2021 presented a considerable number of challenges to UK importers and exporters and we are very pleased to say that The Customs House provided us with great service levels throughout, performing well with the pressures presented and allowing our teams to continue supplying our EU business units.” Tom Crossland - Group Customs and Logistics Manager