• France - Associated Shipping Agencies

    An experienced local team located in Calais (Port – Shuttle – Secure Lorry Park – Calais Truckstop), with wide services coverage including assistance to veterinary declaration & inspections, customs brokerage, bonded warehouses, etc.

  • Germany - Atlantis Zollspedition

    A medium size and growth-oriented logistics company located in the north of Germany. Situated near the A1 motorway, with a bonded warehouse, a short walk from the customs office of Lübeck.

  • The Netherlands - JMSA Douaneservice

    Based at Rotterdam, JMSA Douaneservice is an AEO authorised customs broker, approved as an Authorised Consignor and Authorised Consignee.

  • Poland - AC Porath

    Based in Gdynia on the Baltic.

  • Ireland - Walt International LP (Walt Customs Trade)

    Trade and logistics company based in Dublin.