Facilitated transit

Authorised Consignor

In order to leave the UK under transit, the goods must either be presented to Border Force at the port of departure or via an Authorised Consignor, see place of import/export for more information.

If the transit is presented at the port of departure and there is something wrong with the paperwork, Border Force will not assist the driver in order to resolve the problem. Rather, the driver will be instructed to contact the agent that created the transit to make any required amendments.


Difficulties experienced at the port of departure

This gives rise to a number of issues, principle amongst these are that:

  • It will often be at a time when the agent is closed. As drivers must load and then drive to the port, more often than not they seek to leave the UK outside normal working hours.

  • Generally, the Border Force Officer is unable to communicate the problem to the driver, who is then unable to advise the agent what needs to be changed.


Our support

The Custom House runs a 24/7 operation at Sevington, the base of the main Border Control Post for imports and exports via the Port of Dover and the Channel Tunnel.

Rather than visit Border Force, our clients come to our location in order to begin their transit. For a fee of only £15, we check the driver’s paperwork to ensure that it matches the customs declarations that have been prepared for the goods being exported. If necessary, we make changes to the documentation and so ensure that the vehicle leaves the UK as quickly as possible.

In effect, we offer an insurance policy against unnecessary delays. Not only does this provide peace of mind to our clients, it also saves them unnecessary costs in the form of additional charges from their haulier, who will seek to account for the time lost whilst waiting on the completion of the export formalities.