Customs Transit Made Easy

TRANSITNET is a universal, multimodal e-customs transit guarantee service where SGS acts as Holder of the Procedure (HoP) towards customs on behalf of its clients (transporters, brokers, freight forwarders, etc), enabling our clients to create transit declarations and submit them along with a financial guarantee in favour of customs to any of the customs systems where SGS is HoP. TransitNet is a secure, multi-lingual, web-based platform that captures, controls and monitors transit declarations allowing all users to track them online until termination.

TransitNet is currently connected to 26 different customs systems. These include 24 NCTS countries, Moldova as well as Belarus in the Euro Asian Economic Union which gives our clients access to 40 countries of destination including Belarus, Russia, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan. TransitNet is constantly expanding and developing to meet our clients’ needs.


Benefits of TransitNet

  • Multinational Coverage

    TSGS TransitNet clients are able to submit Transit declarations from 24 NCTS countries and from Belarus to other EAEU regime countries including Belarus, Russia, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan.

  • Customs Guarantees

    Clients of TransitNet do not need to own their own Customs guarantees. All Transit declarations created via TransitNet are submitted using SGS’s own Customs guarantees in accordance with Customs Territory Regulations. This removes any additional financial burden on companies which use our service.

  • Multimodal and Efficient

    Users of TransitNet can submit Transit declarations under different modes of
    transport including road, rail, river and air. SG S is also eligible for various Customs simplification procedures across many countries which ensure a smoother logistics flow of goods from A to B. TransitNet supports ERP plugins which allow the user to send data from their own software to TransitNet.

  • 24/7 support

    Clients of SGS TransitNet can avail themselves of 24/7 support for all matters connected to their Transit declarations created in the system. Our team of over 200 customs experts are available to troubleshoot and advise no matter how big or small the topic.

TransitNet - in numbers

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TransitNet - the solution for BREXIT

Brexit will result in massive changes for all companies which currently import, export, trade with or transport goods from and to the UK. Up to now there has been no need for customs declarations for trade between the UK and the majority of continental Europe. Post Brexit, all of these shipments will require a customs declaration. In a Brexit context, as illustrated above, customs transit gives companies the possibility to move the clearance of their shipments away from an exit and entry point of the EU/UK to a location closer to the destination of their goods, removing the need to perform import procedures before the goods have even arrived in the EU/UK.

The world of customs services can be complicated and frustrating. SGS TransitNet takes the complexity and the frustration away from their clients offering them a single window system to complete customs procedures including;

  • Full package of export and transit documents for export from the UK to the EU and beyond

  • Full package of Export and Transit documents for export from Ireland through the UK to continental Europe and beyond or to the UK only 

  • Transit documents starting from 23 NCTS countries for inbound (Import) to the UK

  • A competent team of transit experts and network to support and troubleshoot problems and customs inquires

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Brexit-additional services

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What next?

If you would like to find out more about how we could move your freight using TransitNet, please do contact us.